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  • What Does EmergiPro Do?
    We are experienced and reliable paint contractors. However, if your job involves more than just painting be sure to call Keith Redden at 770-749-0704 to tell him about your job.
  • Why Choose EmergiPro?
    You should choose EmergiPro and Keith Redden if you value experience and reliability. EmergiPro is proud to have completed 700+ jobs over a 4+ year period with zero lost time workplace injuries. Check out our About Us page to learn more about Keith's 25+ years of serving customers just like you.
  • How Do I Schedule A Job?
    Online job scheduling is coming soon but for now please call Keith Redden at 770-749-0704 to schedule your job.
  • What Is Your Lead Time?
    Lead time throughout the year varies greatly so the best way to check our current lead time it to call or text Keith Redden at 770-749-0704
  • What Types of Painting Services Do You Offer?
    Painting is what we do and our services include: Industrial Residential Commercial Church Government Education If you have a job that includes more than just painting, be sure to call or text Keith Redden at 770-749-0704 to tell him about your job or to schedule your job now
  • How Do You Determine The Cost of A Painting Job?
    Determining the costs of a painting job is where the experience and reliability of Keith Redden come in. Keith utilizes the latest technology to calculate the materials and man power needed and then combines that data with his proprietary bidding process to ensure that the initial quote will match the final invoice. Call or text Keith Redden at 770-749-0704 to get your project started today.
  • Do You Provide Free Estimates?
    Yes, in most cases. But: Let's Be Real * We reserve the right to charge for an estimate solely at our discretion * The following are examples of when an estimate charge might be incurred: You request an expedited time frame to receive your estimate Your quote request is more than 25 miles outside our regular service area Your quote request involves product research that is substantially outside of products typically offered by our supply partners This list is not meant to be exhaustive and other scenarios where an estimate charge is incurred may apply. In all cases, Keith Redden will inform you of any charge you will incur for us to provide you with an estimate, if any. If you still have questions about an EmergiPro estimate, call or text Keith Redden at 770-749-0704
  • What Types of Paint Do You Use and Do You Offer Environmentally Friendly Options?
    PAINT TYPES We proudly offer paint products from our preferred paint provider PPG. Never heard of PPG? That's because PPG focuses on offering Pro-Driven Paint Products to painting professionals. That makes PPG the paint that Pros choose. In addition to PPG, our other partners are Sherwin Williams and The Home Depot. ENVIRONMENTAL EmergiPro and Keith Redden care about the environment and we demonstrate this on every job by offering environmentally friendly "Low-VOC" paint options. Low-VOC stand for: Low Environmentally Volatile Organic Compounds This means care was taken in every step of the paint production process to ensure sustainability and minimal environmental impact.
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