Joseph Nix Joins Emergi-Pro, LLC


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April 3, 2017

Joseph Nix joins emergi-pro, llc

as Sr. Concrete/Masonry Division Manager

Cedartown, GA, April 3, 2017– Emergi-Pro, LLC. welcomes Joseph Nix as Sr. Concrete/Masonry Division Manager.

“I believe Joseph is going to make an excellent addition to our team and am excited about all of the experience and industry knowledge that he brings to our company. He’s very eager to learn and gain experience in the epoxy coatings and overlay systems too so I’m sure he’ll strive to offer superior services for Emergi-Pro, LLC.

This addition is going to allow Emergi-Pro, LLC. to capitalize and expand our Concrete/Masonry Division and provide our clients a direct “go to” man in that field. Joseph has many years of experience in residential and commercial masonry and concrete applications and has worked in multiple states in the industry. Joseph will focus mainly on the masonry sector along with epoxy coatings and polymer modified overlays but will assist in all project, as well as, managing the administration side of that division.

Emergi-Pro, LLC. offers many services in the construction and insurance restoration industries, as well as, industrial, commercial and residential painting, concrete and masonry, air duct cleaning, pressure/steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, media blasting, epoxy coatings and flooring. We have multiple certifications and follow all industry standards. Our technicians are trained and experienced to offer these services and provide exceptional workmanship and customer satisfaction.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Joseph Nix at 770-749-0704 or email at